BPMN or the ‘business process modeling language’ can be used to help define how processes are currently running and how you want them to run in the future. It allows for a clear form of communication when it comes to defining processes and offers a basis for discussion amongst stakeholders.

Why use our tool?

With the BPMN-software we provide, you can quickly create your processes, screenshot your processes and add them to your presentations and documentation. It offers a clear basis for your discussions, process improvement efforts, training materials and more. BPMN models can truly help decision makers to understand how processes in their organizations are running.

Easy to learn

As the tool looks very similar to our RPA-studio, it is convenient to use and easy to learn. New elements are added by the push of a button and exports can be shared across your organization. This means that you have all flexibility when it comes to communicating and changing your processes over time