Fast Automator

There are many processes in an organization which are not suited for automation. They are too small, to fickle or unimportant. However, these processes are still annoying for a lot of your colleagues!

What to do?

With our Fastautomator tool you can allow your colleagues to record processes which are not a target for traditional automation. These recordings can be used to quickly automate small and unstable processes. Maybe these aren’t going to work forever but at least you have a short term solution which helps you to deal with these annoying processes which just take time.


These processes can even run through the attended bots which serve as personal assistants. This way your colleagues can decide themselves how and what processes they want to run.

However, you should always remember that this is a ‘quick and dirty’ solution and it should never replace the full RPA-possibilites and capabilities you are familiar with. It simply offers you a way to quickly automate those processes which generally would not be the focus of an automation project. Remember that these automations are generally not very stable and should only be used on small processes.