Governance platform

Idea Collection

There is nothing more difficult than to maintain a proper pipeline for your automation team. With our idea collection tool you will be able to collect proper ideas from across your entire organization. This way you get a proper overview of the propositions coming in combined with some crucial information which you need to evaluate these ideas on some key features. Your decision can directly be communicated to your colleagues and as such automation becomes a real part of your organization!

Our platform

Through our idea collection platform you can allow colleagues across your organization to propose their ideas. This way automation can become a real part of your way of working and the automation professionals in place can properly communicate with their colleagues on their proposed processes.

You can develop a steady pipeline of new proposals and ideas by using our platform as a tool in your broader communication strategy across the company. As more people become aware of what processes can be automated and what your team has been working on, the more ideas your colleagues might have on what other processes you should be automating.

Process discovery

Process discovery is crucial if you want to create a successful long term automation project, team and environment. With the tools Galactic Automation is offering, we can make this a reality for you and your organization!

Through our idea collection platform you can efficiently collect ideas continuously across your organization as people are becoming more aware about the capabilities and possibilities of automation and process improvement. Do not miss these opportunities or a great project can quickly shift to a failing one. Galactic Automation is here to help you with our solutions

Governance Platform

Proper governance is a crucial aspect of any major automation project. Our platform gives you a clear overview of your processes and in what phase they are currently in the software development cycle


Within our platform you can store all information related to a process, which gives you a central location to store such documentation. No longer you will have to deal with lost information thanks to our platform.


Through better communication we allow teams to work together with reduced frustration. This means that you organization can really work together on major digital transformation projects which affect every department