Robotic Process Automation allows for the automation of any number of processes. Galactic Automation has developed an easy to use environment where you can use over 700 drag-and-drop activities to automate web applications, the office suite, SAP, SalesForce, through the use of computer vision, AWS, PLC, KNX, and much, much more!

In our automation studio you can develop processes of any kind by making use of our simple drag and drop interface. We allow for custom development with our integrated text editor and Jupyter Notebook so that you can easily integrate your own scripts and as such are capable of solving all of your challenges in one integrated environment. Intelligent Automation has never been so easy with our tool which is completely based on Python. This way you can apply machine & deep learning algorithms directly in your processes through the number one programming language used by data scientists and engineers. Finally, you can bridge the gap between RPA-specialists and data scientists.

We do have a community version which you are free to try out! Be aware that this is just a demo version with not all features enabled. In case you find the demo interesting, you would like to see more (and new) features or want to report a bug, please don’t hesitate to reach out!