About us

We are a group of young professionals who have a background in RPA, automation, artificial intelligence, consulting and finance. Through the combination of our knowledge and experience, we try to deliver the next generation of tools and services

Our Mission

We believe that automation and artificial intelligence should be available to all organizations over the world. It is our goal to provide the necessary tools and software to help organizations to achieve this dream. Innovation should be available to all and our tools should be able to help you along the way

Our Vision

We want to help create a world filled with organizations which make full use of their data and automate all the processes they possibly can.


Galactic Automation is an organization which wants to empower people. Each member of our organization brings great value and we want to fully support the growth of every team member

Social Responsibility

In an effort to help achieve our dream, we offer our tools and services to non-profit organizations to further their goals