Consultancy Services

Galactic Automation works as a solution partner but also offers a whole range of consultancy services to help you on your journey towards automation, artificial intelligence, and data insights. Our consultants can help you to better understand your applications, processes and data so that our solutions also really help you to reach the next step.

Consultancy Services


We have internal exprience across a whole range of industries – financial services, manufacturing, supply chain, pharmaceuticals, and more. Our experts are experienced in quick analysis to understand the environment you are operating in and the challenges you are facing. Based on these insights we offer solutions tailored to your needs. It is completely up to you to decide what you want to do next: cherry pick the solutions you believe in and we will make sure that you are left happy

Forever consultants

We all know the appearance of forever consultants who enter your organization and never leave again. We want to be different and collaborate together so that all knowledge is transfered to internal employees. This way the knoweldge stays with you and our consultants only stay if you really need them and not a second longer. We want to create real value and in case we develop a long term relationship this is because we both want it to be this way.

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are manyfold but limited to a couple of specific subjects:

  • We offer learnings and trainings on topics such as application development, artificial intelligence, automation, data analysis, cyber security and cloud technology
  • Process discovery and audit services so that we can better understand what the challenges are you are facing
  • Artificial intelligence solutions where we both evaluate existing solutions but also develop new tools which we help you bring to production and scale
  • Data analytics so that you receive the insights from your data which you are looking for
  • Solution implementation where we help you along the way to make use of our products


So what is the most important message we would like you to remember? Our services are without a doubt completely industry agnostic and can be applied in any department or use case you might imagine.

We aim to fix your challenges and in case our standard solutions cannot fix your specific issues, we are open to creating new features to help you exactly there. Interested? Please reach out!