Our solutions can be used and employed across a wide range of different industries. Galactic Automation aims to help any organizations willing to innovate. Automation and artificial intelligence can easily become a part of your company as well. Discover here how! We have listed some examples to help you along the way.


Whether you want to focus on compliance, streamline reporting, facilitate clinical development or focus on operations, automation is a real added value in the world of pharmaceuticals. By combining our tools you can get the most out of your automation and data projects while making use of the same ecosystem. Remain in control of your processes, facilitate your current way of working, and prepare for the future together with us!


The energy sector is facing many different challenges: fierce competition, renewable energy, rising costs. Through our software and tools we can help automate tedious processes and data aggregation. With the dashboards we can put in place, we can help you along the path towards forecasting of energy production, energy consumption and predictive maintenance.

Financial Services

Financial Services firms tend to focus very hard on innovation. However, process discovery tools are often ignored even though they can bring great value on top of the current automation solutions. It doesn’t mean that when a process is automated, it cannot be further optimized and improved.

Public Institutions

Through the use of our tools we can significantly reduce the cost and time needed to perform these tasks. With low code application development we can provide fast apps which can mean all the difference in the world. Government processes can be lightening fast when making use of Galactic Automation.


In the world of manufacturing we can aid you with all processes you can imagine. We can automate your invoices, risk management procedures and IT-systems but are also able to speak to PLC, ROS, and other protocols so that we can be a true partner when you want to focus on automation.


There are many different fields where Galactic Automation can proof its value when you are a company in the distribution sector: invoice management, ERP integration, refund processing, inventory management, and so much more. The challenges you are facing today are only going to become more complex over time.

So what is the most important message we would like you to remember? Our solutions are without a doubt completely industry agnostic and can be applied in any department or use case you might imagine. We aim to fix your challenges and in case our standard solutions cannot fix your specific issues, we are open to creating new features to help you exactly there.