Custom Solutions

Galactic Automation is continuously optimizing their solutions and wants to work with their customers to create even better tools

Your specific needs can be met through the custom development we are able to offer. For each problem we can help you find a great solution, trust us to prove it to you! Below you can find a couple of examples which we have developed in the past


We offer a tool through which certain drones can be automated to recognize faces, map out their trajectory, and much, much more!

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Object Detection

We offer a facial recognition tool which can be employed in different environments. The techniques used to create this tool can easily be employed to detect different objects. Contact us for custom solutions!

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HR Chatbot

Galactic Automation has developed a tool which can help you to understand what problems your employees are facing. Through a chatbot and anonymous conversations you can get real feedback and help create a better environment where people will want to stay.

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