Low Code

Low Code allows organizations to develop applications much faster than ever before. Galactic Automation has joined this trend as well with a unique solution based on open-source developments. This way you can empower your organization and build on top of the experience of thousands at a fraction of the cost!


Designers often make use of Figma to create their designs. Through the power of open-source technology, we can directly import these designs to generate your new desktop applications

Drag and Drop

If you want to create applications from scratch, we offer a drag-and-drop tool which allows you to create the application you really want. No longer you need to know programming to quickly develop a proof of concept!

RPA Integration

You can integrate RPA-processes as well in your applications, as such making the most of your developed automations! This way you can capture the full scale of low code automations and app development at an entirely new level and this with only a fraction of the effort you would normally need.