Process Discovery

Galactic Automation believes that process discovery is a crucial for organizations who want to work on automation and artificial intelligence. With the tools we provide, you can collect all the information you need to properly assess your entire organization.

Below you can find the process discovery tools which we provide. Don’t hesitate to look closer at each of these tools and in case you are interested, contact us directly. We are more than happy to share a demo and provide you with more information

Process Mining

Process mining allows you to properly map out processes throughout your organization based on the available logs. This way you are sure that the process maps you generate represent the true way of working of your colleagues. These maps allow you to check where we are dealing with bottlenecks, non-compliant steps, delays, and more. Through process mining we can implement performance improvement and automation solutions based on the current reality

Task Capture

With our capture tool you can monitor how professionals perform their tasks. The tool can create recordings of the performed work so that RPA-engineers can make use of this crucial information for their process development. On top of that, our tool can record each step, allow you to annotate each step within our software and generate the documentation which you need.


With our BPMN tool you can create your own process maps. These can be used to map out the current or the future way of working and can be easily included in all of your documentation. The software we provide can help you to quickly create an overview of the processes which exist in your organization

Idea Collection

No RPA-team can work without a proper pipeline of processes. With our idea collection tool, your entire organization can offer possible processes and ideas which can be avaluated by your team. This way you can integrate automation as a real part of your organization and any professional can be involved in the further development of such processes


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