Process Mining

Process mining is defined as an analytical discipline for discovering, monitoring, and improving processes. The key here is that process mining is able to uncover what the process really is and not what you think it is. Processes performed across your applications generate a digital footprint through the existence of logs. It are these logs which allow us to mine the data and create the process maps you want.

Why Process Mining?

Process Mining helps you to determine where you are dealing with bottlenecks, discover the root-cause of problems and non-compliance with internal or external regulation. Process mining gives you a clear picture of the reality today in your organization. This means that process mining has the power to give you a true basis on which you can start changing your current way of working. Are you looking towards automation? Process mining gives you a basis you can trust.

Our Solution

Within our tool you will be able to determine the frequency of each step in the process, how the occurence of each step changes over time, as well as how much time these steps take. On top of that, we generate a directly-follows graph of the current reality in which you can filter out certain steps. This gives you an idea of how the future of the process might look like if you choose to implement certain changes.

We also allow you compare the past and the present so that you can get a proper idea of how your changes have affected your organization