Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation allows you to automate any kind of desktop process you might think of. Through our software we can offer you everything you need to create a proper automation environment.

We offer a wide range of solutions so that you can make automation a true part of your organization and a future-proof cornerstone of your digital transformation efforts.


Our automation studio allows you to build processes in a very clear manner. You remain in complete control while using an environment which is easy to learn.

Management Platform

We provide both attended and unattended bots which can be used to run automated processes throughout the entire enterprise. Attended bots can be used as personal assistants while the unattended bots allow you to easily schedule and run processes 24/7


The Galactic Automation management platform can be used to schedule your processes over unattended bots and allow you to remain in complete control

Test Automation

Next to our traditional RPA-setup, we also provide a test automation environment based on the open-source Golem framework. Your automated tests can also run through our attended and unattended bots.


There are many processes in an organization which aren’t automated because they aren’t valuable enough. With our Fastautomator professionals can quickly automate small processes through a recording.

Governance Platform

Galactic Automation offers a governance platform which allows your automation team to properly track all processes in the development pipeline.

Low Code App

Low code application development is becoming ever more popular. Through our software you can create your own desktop applications and enhance them through the use of python. You can also import Figma files and generate applications on the fly!


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