Task Capture

Task Capture allows you to record each step of a process exactly as it has been performed by one of your colleagues. We generate both recordings and documentation based on the actions taken by our colleagues. Next to standard images, we can now also offer clear insights through the use of our generated videos. Whether you want to create documentation for new tools, old tools, process improvement or training purposes, task capture can help you along the way.

Our tool

The Galactic Automation software takes an image of each step taken during the process, so that no details go lost. Within our application you can generate documentation on the click of a button which is crucial for your trainings, knowledge sharing, process improvement, projects, and other needs!

Process discovery

Process Discovery is an essential part of automation but can proof to be of value across many different projects. You can create proper documentation which can proof crucial when evaluating old results, training new people, perform data oriented processes, and more.

This focus on documentation might not be the most exciting part of the projects you are currently working on but through our task capture software you can reduce the time spent on this task and increase the accuracy. Do we need to say more?