Local ChatGPT for enterprises

Who hasn’t seen the news by now that ChatGPT is out there and rapidly changing the world in terms of artificial intelligence and language processing? We are being blasted with messages and examples of how ChatGPT could change your life and what it can be used for in almost every aspect of the modern enterprise, whatever industry you are working in. But there are also many concerns…

What about the privacy of the users, the questions they are asking and the data used to train the model. What about GDPR? How do you get your prsonal data out of the model? What about competitors? Someone clever might be capable of extracting your data and use it to their own benefit. OpenAI might claim that your data isn’t used when prompting the model but how certain are you about that?

But there are also other concerns: the model as it is currently used is capabe of generating wrong answers very convincingly, the inherent bias that can be found back in the model and the way it can be abused to extract certain types of information. Reason enough for many organizations to keep a safe distance from ChatGPT. But does this mean that you shouldn’t use the model and LLM’s at all? Of course not!

Local models are becoming more and more powerful, giving you full control over your own data and documents in a private environment so that you can extract specific information and automate & improve your processes significantly!

At Galactic Automation we have developed several local solutions which are high performant & limited in their scope. On top of that we found a way to filter out negative answers, integrate voice technology and speed up the answer generation. Eager to find out more? Reach out and discover how we can help you with similar solutions!