Galactic Automation offers a wide range of different standard solutions and products which can be divided in 4 different categories. Below you can already find a short description of these solutions and if you are interested to find out more, don’t hesitate to click one of the links provided!

Process Discovery

Galactic Automation offers an entire set of different tools which can help you through your process discovery process. Are you looking for something which focuses on business process modeling? We can help you through our BPMN-software!

More interested in what you can capture and record directly from your colleagues? We have the task capture tool which directly allows you to generate the documentation you are looking for!

Or are you more interested in the power of process mining and the information which remains hidden in your user logs? We can provide the tool which is fit for your purposes. Finally, we offer an idea collection page which allows you to collect ideas from across the entire organization! As such it can help you to build a solid pipeline. Discover more here!


For those of you who are keen on automation, we have just the solutions for you! We offer the RPA-tools as you would expect them to be! We have a very userfriendly development environment where you can develop your processes as you want them and where you can make use of activities which can automate a broad range of tools, from the office environment, to webpages, from SAP to Salesforce, but also PLCs and KNX have no secrets for our environment! We can truly link desktop environments with industry in a very new way.

We combine this studio with a management platform which allows you to schedule unattended bots, attended bots for those of you who would like to remain in control, but there is even more!

We offer a test automation suite so that you can develop your own rules for your software tests, a release never has to go through manual testing ever again!

Are you dealing with a lot of smaller processes which aren’t fit for traditional automation? Well, there is the fastautomator! And we are all known with issues on the governance side of things, well, we developed a governance platform just for you! Discover more here!

Artificial Intelligence

Our next range of tools focuses on the world of artificial intelligence. This can be a very daunting field to operate in but not to worry! We can help you along the way with a set of tools that can make the journey that much easier. We have a tool which can guide you through the entire process from data exploratory analysis, imputation, and more, to the development of machine learning models.

We also offer a low code forecasting tool which guides you towards forecasting models which can be used in different use cases. Β΅Are documents a major problem? No worries, as we have a document automation tool which can help you automate the processing of semi-structured documents.

We can also offer help with object detection, drone automation, and even low code app development! Discover more here!

Custom Solutions

We have also developed a range of products which simply don’t fit in the previous categories. As such you can find them under our ‘custom solutions‘ section. We can also help you develop a range of custom solutions or add specific features to our standard set of tools which might help you with your use cases.


Any of our products triggered your interest? Please reach out!